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    Taking stock

    Its at this time of year i take stock of what bucks are showing and what quality we are producing after years of selective culling. This area is close to my house and is ideal biotope for roe deer. Sorry about the quality of the video but this area is were i shot a gold last season and its nice to see a very special animal take his place. PS this one will be left on the area.

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    Was that the polis coming for you in the background

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    That's the Northern distribution route and all you can here is cars and the crime fighter. lol

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    Looking good 6p heres 1 of the views ive got to endure everyday.

    Notice the nice 6 pointer closest this was the second Id seen over the fence today although the first was slightly better head wise.

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    Nice one and are you just leaving them to mature or is that ground you cant go on.

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    Get his head clean for about the second week in April, I'll be down if not him he must have a cousin or two , nice beasties Davie
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Looks a nice buck that Davie, got one or two decent ones around but not as big as last year.
    I made the mistake of leaving the best bucks only for them to go missing, maybe poachers or they wandered on to someone elses patch . DF

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    Sadly John he is not even close to were you will be stalking. You are going to a very old and very reliable place. You can give that girlie gun of your that took the skin off my knuckles a run out in the city.

    DF That's the problem but my theory is if i shoot them they will never pass on there genes. If i leave them they might get took by poachers but they more importantly might pass on there genes and normally a good buck will cover a good few does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Nice one and are you just leaving them to mature or is that ground you cant go on.
    Unfortunetly mate its a nature reserve so no go for me but the doggy men hammer it

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