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Thread: Happy 21st

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    Happy 21st

    Gentlemen you advice please,
    I have recently been approached by a guy I work with for some adviceabout stalking and was hoping you could help me out. He is about to turn 21 andwould like to go stalking as part of his birthday celebrations. Due togeography and my own personal arrangements I don’t have anywhere I can take himand thus I was hoping someone could recommend me some day ticket stalking thatmight be willing to take him.

    What he wants:

    -someone who is willing to take out a complete novice (has only ever done live firing with the military)

    -stalking ground within driving distance of London

    -possibility of bringing father along as an observer

    -looking to take non trophy animals, not really afteranything specific just wants the experience.

    Any Ideas?


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    PM me an e-mail address.

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    You have a PM.

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    Awe man I remember the time I turned 21. I went down to the pup and got shitfaced, myself and about 12 other fellas. How things have changed.....hehehehe

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    Don't worry, this will be happening as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungGun View Post
    Don't worry, this will be happening as well
    Good man, keep her lit for me

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