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Thread: Leica Geovid 8 x 56 Range-finding Binoculars

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    Leica Geovid 8 x 56 Range-finding Binoculars

    As the title suggests I have for sale my ***Leica Geovid 8 x 56 Range-finding Binoculars***.

    Good condition - There is just the usual wear on the body from regular use and a couple of hairline / very minor scratches on the lenses in no way do they effect the performance of the image. The quality of these optics is very good.

    Reason for sale is simply I have been offered a very good price on some of the new Swarovski Range Finders and seen as I have 2 Swarovski scopes thought I would go all out for Swarovski.

    Looking for 1,100 or near offer.

    Any questions please ask.



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    Any sensible offers before they go on Ebay??


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    Have you got any pictures please?

    Regards Pete

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    Very interested if these are still for sale.

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