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Thread: one for the bike racing tt fans.

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    one for the bike racing tt fans.

    respect to these riders. cant believe some of the cashes. and then lived to tell the tail
    look out for the crash at 1 min 30 seconds. its not like you can miss it. one at 2.35 is mental to
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    Watch a film called Closer to the edge. If you can on a 3d TV blew my mind.

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    thanks for posting that ,i raced the tt twice now what a feeling the first time you go down bray hill flat out to ago's leap still gets the hairs on the back of my neck . what you dont see in the film clips are the markers on doors and lamp posts to give your apex for the corners . I ran into the back of a rider just after beggarrow on the way to kirkmicheal
    what i didnt see was a rider had broken down half way round the corner i was following another rider and he shut off mid corner spent the next hour flying to nobles before being cleared for the next race ,didnt actually tell them i didnt have much stregnth in my breaking hand , beat my fastest lap time though so wasnt all bad,atb wayne
    picture at quaterbridge first lap
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    I'm lucky, or some might say unlucky, to be from Co. Antrim and I spend a lot of time around places like Armoy and it must be said that it is hard to beat road racing. The chap who butchers my deer used to work as pit crew and it really is a way of life for a lot of people in the area. Some years back I had an access all areas pass at the NW200 and went and stood on the inside of a corner with bikes flashing past at about 120mph about 3 feet from my knees, being a spectator is nearly as dangerous as being on one of the bikes when you are as stupid as I was but it just had to be done and is an experience I will not forget.

    Where the road racing wins over the TT, in my view, is in having 5 bikes side by side at nearly 200mph. It makes for an exciting day. I think the crash that Seeley had in 2009 rates as about the most amazing thing I've seen and, of course, he was back on the bike and racing again 2 races later. I'm sure most have seen it but it is at the start of this youtube link

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    caorach i raced with alot of the irish guys what a good crack top blokes i suppose you need alot of trust at those speeds being so close sometimes things happen but for the most part it doesnt i entered the nw 200 but funding ran out ,one of my regrets not doing that.
    i love your circuits over there .we only have one road circuit in britain scarbourgh or olivers mount that is superb to race its only a single track road around a woodland and very steep hills into trees one of my favourite places,atb wayne

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    Watched the TT a few time loved travelling there on my bike, they really are nutters and have much more balls than any of the other riders from the moto gp etc they have gravel traps tyre walls etc the TT guys have brick walls,buildings,fields,fences etc how can they compare no chance

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    Going to watch a road race is one of my passions, there's really nothing quite like it. Once you've been to one, circuit racing's tame by comparison. Unfortunately it's not without its considerable dangers as the list of fatalities every year demonstrates, I can't imagine it will be too much longer before it's stopped.
    The crashes at 1:30 and 2:35 are the same - Conor Cummins '2 metre man'. Thankfully he survived and is back racing again.
    Unfortunately the cost of fuel, ferries and accommodation is slowly curtailing my visits to enjoy the racing

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    hairybiker if your ever in yorkshire give me a bell i will take you to olivers heres a clip of the circuit
    Oliver's Mount Circuit guide | Olivers Mount Circuit Layout

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    Mereside , good picture of you i was never brave enough to try road racing , but loved the tracks
    Are you on a 125 there , i loved the bigger bikes , still do an odd track day on V twins but pretty
    slow these days
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    yes mate i raced 125gp ,600 supersport and senior class i was a privateer racing against the top lads but could only finish third in most races it would always be chris palmer and ian lougher then me or ian then chris i was tuning my own engines and buying seconhand tyres i built my bikes on a budget of 3 grand while those guys where using bikes in and around 40 grand i hung on in the hopes of big sponsors but never quite made it ,fab times atb wayne

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