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Thread: How organised are you?

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    How organised are you?

    You finish work early and you have time to go and find a deer.
    Is everything in it`s place so that your ready in 10 minutes or does it take you an age to get organised?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Well you don't really need that much gear do you? Rifle, binoculars, knife, sticks, jacket and dog. Can be done whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

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    it takes me as long as it takes to get a rifle from the cabinet and tell xena to get in the truck , so about 5 mins tops !

    everything else never leaves the truck , im fully equiped to hadle every thing from muntjac to the biggest red

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    Yep. As above.
    Everything lives in van so just dog and rifle to throw in.

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    all my gear is ready to go just grab the rifle and my bumbag with all gralloch gear and bullets in
    sticks and sack are permenently in the van along with bins ,atb wayne

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    I can get ready quick dont even need to lace boots as i ware wellies.

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    Just for a bit of balance. My "let's go shooting" routine normally begins with a trip to the car with rifle in slip, rucksack with knife and some bits and pieces.

    Jump in car, turn key.

    Turn engine off again, go back inside to collect the range finder and remember ammunition. Go back to car to get cabinet keys.

    Take ammunition out of cabinet and take it out to car.

    Go back to pick up range finder and box of gloves.

    Back out to car, then remember I need my wellies.

    Go back to fetch wellies, and pick up waterproof trousers, extra fleece and hat.

    Back out to car. Start engine and drive away.

    Get a couple of miles down the road. Go all the way round roundabout and head back home. Fetch bolt from second ammunition cabinet, and pick up a spare knife.

    Stop for a cuppa.

    Realise that the light has gone, so unpack car, sit down and have a cup of tea.

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    In and out in 10 min tops. Jacket hangs by back door with knife, rope etc in it for a quick exit !

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    Rifle from cabinet 1 minute. Grab roesack, bino's, knife and put on stalking clothes..3 minutes. Put on wellies, grab sticks and roe tray...1 minute...who needs 10 minutes when 5 can do

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    I keep a plastic bin with all my kit in it on the table near the door. That way, all I have to do it grab the rifle and ammo, put my wellies on, then grab the bin.

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