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Thread: DSC 2 Fallow stalking

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    DSC 2 Fallow stalking

    Well, I have had some of the best few days of my life this week working towards my dsc2, by chance a few weeks ago I bumped into a man on this site that goes by the name woodfordfallow, he is as lucky as me to live in Cornwall but he has the most fantastic Fallow stalking ground, I would even go to say possibly the best in the country and also has a great team around him, very friendly and helpfull, so if you fancy a holiday in Cornwall and level 2 A W stalks to complete portfolios give woodfordfallow (Brian) a shout, If you look in his photo gallery you will see photos of me and see how I got on

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    well done

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    sounds a great place, are there any good local b&b's down there nearby? well done

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    Yes loads of them best thing to do would be get on the interweb and have a look, south west Devon is the area

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