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Thread: Stalk went well . Well kind of lol

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    Stalk went well . Well kind of lol

    Stalk went well . Well kind of lol
    Well really enjoyed my day out thanx kieth
    Seen loads of deer but they seen us first lol end of the day went out on the edge of the field and seen 4 deer 400yds away so went into the woods to move closer as walking through the woods bumbed into 2 does facing away from us 1 meter away never been that close before they got as much as a shock as we did lol
    Anyway got closer to the deer grasing in the field spotted my doe just 5 mins before light was too dark she didnt stop walking and just wnt down the dip so no deer to day but cant wait for my next stalk in april for the bucks

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    at least u saw deer dosnt always go to plan better luck next time

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    i dint get 1 untill my 5th stalk, but saw between 2 and 9 on my other stalks just could not get a shot for 1 reason or another. but was well worth the stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    You seen deer you enjoyed your self and i am sure you will be luckier next time.

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