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Thread: Impala rifle action

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    Impala rifle action

    Anyone out there used the impala titanium or stainless actions as I would be interested in your feedback,as I am thinking of using one.
    Atb mark

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    I don't know the action other than that it looks like another M700 clone. I was just going to comment though, that i think Ti for rifle recievers might be a bit of a con. Ti sounds very attractive, but when you get down to its practical physical properties and applying them to a rifle reciever, i think you will find quality Chrome-Moly steel can match it, and for a fraction of the price. Ti recievers do tend to be lighter, but they are only lighter because they don't increase the dimensions of the reciever to provide the same strength as Chome-Moly steel. If you measure weight by volume (ie: density), yep titanium is lighter. But if you use strength and "stiffness" measures to weight, the two are very similar - in fact, Chome-Moly steel can beat Ti. In the strength parameters relevant to a rifle reciever, Chome-Moly steel and Ti are actually potentially about a match when comparing strength to weight (where the Ti guys cheat is they talk density). Ti does dramatically outperform Chrome-Moly steel with respect to ability to resist fatigue, but that is a totally irrelevant parameter for a rifle reciever (unless you are planning on firing a few million rounds!). Hence, while it might make sense in aircraft or bicycle frames, it may not be so well suited to rifle recievers.

    And when you look at some of the treatments now available, treated Chrome-Moly steels can also significantly outperform stainless steel eg: the phosphatised finish on a Sako TRG or the gas nitrided finish on a Blaser, Anschutz or several other german rifles. And quality Chrome-Moly steels retain very significant strength advantages over any stainless steel currently used in rifle manufacture.

    Personally, i think Chrome-Moly steel remains the most suitable material for stalking rifle manufacture. It is easier and cheaper to make a precision barrel in stainless steel though. But even that is moot in a hammer-forged barrel.

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    Thanks mate for your In depth reply which has been very interesting read got me thinking again

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