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Thread: Savage 17hmr ammo

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    Savage 17hmr ammo

    For those of you shooting savage 17hmrs what do you find to be the best make of ammo? I will shortly be picking up a BTVS model. Thanks

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    Mine is unfussy - I tend to use Hornady, but have used CCI to good effect too.
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    Hi, I use only - Hornady red tip or blue tip in my savage BTVS & it does not matter! rabbits don't feel a thing!

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    Whats the difference between the red and the blue tips apart from colour.

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    nothing, in fact all HMR ammo comes from the same place, just uses different brass and packaging for marketing purposes.

    buy as many in one batch as possible IMO
    lot to lot variance in this ammo can mean the difference between a hit and a miss (or worse if you read the numerous "squib" stories!)

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