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    New on here

    Hi guys few mates been raving about this site so am in
    Been shooting for as long as I can remember ,
    Looking for some good muntjac stalking before season ends if anyone can point me in right direction
    Have level one and currently doing level two as looking for some more ground around Stirling area.
    Once I get some time later on will upload some stalking
    Friends with moose on here "Lauri" and he says it's a great place for a chat
    Some of you may have seen my knives that I make so will upload some pics of them too once I get hang of it,
    Any way am away for a look through the archives cheers p
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    Welcome to the site, now the not so nice bit if you want to advertise on here you have to be a trade member. So you have to either remove your advertising or become a trade member.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi john sorry if this was outside forum rules I never meant to offend just introduce myself , as some on her may know me was only to help start some conversation , please remove if it has offended in any way .
    Regards Paul

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