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Thread: Stalking for novice near Kent

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    Stalking for novice near Kent

    Hi Im looking to gain some experiance stalking down south. Im new to stalking although i have my DSC1. I am happy to pay for stalks im not intersted in trophys etc at the moment just need a few stalks under my belt before my FEO will grant deer on my Cert. So i will need the use of an estate rifle and am a full BASC menber. Looking at a couple of munty stalks to start untill next season starts. Cheers Shaun

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    Hi Shaun,

    I have sent you a PM as I live in Kent. I am sure we can sort something out for you.



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    No problem Shaun, glad we got something sorted for you. Will look at the diary and see if I can fit you in during the week in May.



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