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Thread: Non certifcate holders and shotguns in a car

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    Non certifcate holders and shotguns in a car

    Yesterday i was out on my ground doing a bit on shooting with one of my mates who is a regular beater on our shoot, he is only 17 year old and doesnt have a shotgun or firearm certificate yet. After a mornings shooting we headed to the village shop for a quick lunch. Were he said he would wait in the car while I ran in, would this be breaking the law by leaving him in the car with shotguns aside him? Would I have to ask him to come out the car and lock it? This had me thinking, does anyone know the answer?


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    As far as I was aware this was not an issue aslong as you locked the car and your mate did not touch the guns as you hav taken reasonable actions to security of said guns in a vehicle whilst you hav left it
    I believe it is different for FAC rated toys as depends on the situ

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    Good question, I don't suppose it would matter for shotguns, but if they were FAC and even if he did have a Firearms certificate... he would technically still be in possession of your rifle which is not on his ticket. We all do it, go into the petrol kiosk to pay for fuel leaving our rifle in the car with our stalking partners.
    It's one of those "you'll never know until it happens to you" questions.
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    Buy a trigger lock and then you can claim the rifle is secure. Do you chain your rifle while it is in the vehicle?

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    FAC or SC makes no difference if your friend is not an SC holder. You have left him in charge of your guns and ammo I would imagine too. I would be very surprised if it was taken to court unless your friend started waving them about but regardless, you're breaking the law just like you would be if your other half knew where your cabinet keys were. Therefore you could be charged. Just maybe you should do as you say and make you friend get out of the car?
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    If you read condition number 4 (a) on your shotgun certificate then read on to 4(b) you will see that the issue boils down to whether you have taken reasonable precautions for the safe custody of the gun. None of the usual exemptions regarding being in possession of a shotgun without holding a shotgun certificate would apply in these particular circumstances. It would have to be a particularly over-zealous person to cause you problems, however as we all know 'it is ok until something goes wrong'. So err on the side of caution and use a trigger lock, or security cord or lock it in the boot. That should do the trick as far as 'reasonable precautions' are concerned.

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    Illegal if your friend was in the vehicle as he would technically be in possession of the gun, unless it was locked in a manner by which it could be neither removed or fired , e.g. security cord & or trigger lock . Legal if you locked you friend outside the vehicle, covered your gun & took the fore-end with you. atb Tim

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    Bit of an afterthought, you could use the "gunbearers" exemption (see Firearms Act & HO guidelines) for your friend, I don't know if anyone has put this to a legal test, I wouldn't care to myself. atb Tim

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    Its hard question too answer, I was just wondering everyones thoughts. I have a lockable box which i keep all my catridges and bullets in but the guns are only kept in slips while travelling.

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    By leaving your mate in the car, you have given a non-certificate holder access to your shotgun(s) you are therefore commiting an offence. If prosecuted, you would most certainly be found guilty.

    If your mate was a shotgun certificate holder, you would be fine as technically the shotgun(s) would qualify for the 72 hour exemption rule.

    If the firearms were section one, even if the mate was an FAC holder, you would be commiting an offence. The only exception to this would be if you were both members of a Home Office Approved gun club, and the firearms were on the club FAC

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