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Thread: bushnell fusion rangefinding binoculars 10x42 any good ???

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    bushnell fusion rangefinding binoculars 10x42 any good ???

    Hi Guys/Gals

    im looking at the idea of some binoculars with a built in range finder, i would love some zeiss ones or swaski but at 1500 upwards there way beyond my reach.

    i know opictically the bushnell wont be as good but has anybody got these binos(bushnell fusion 10x42) and are they any good ???.



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    Hi Dave
    I have been looking at these with the same thoughts, too expensive!!
    At Newark Shooting show i looked through them all and i have to say the Bushnells were cr@p, really poor compared to standard binos. I have decided to save the money and learn to judge range better by taking a dedicated rangefinder around with me and learn to judge it better by eye.

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    One of my shooting buddies has a pair of the earlier version which he really likes.
    I looked at them very closely and did a lot of thinking before I bought my RF bins (Zeiss 10x45).

    They do the job, and the newer version is an improvement.
    The rangefinder is very good but, optically they are not as good as a pair of ordinary binos by the bigger names, but they may suit your eye sight.

    I suspect that if you buy them you will be upgrading them in a year or so as the grass is always greener, or so we think.

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    Agreed. Save your pennies dave and buy Zeiss or Leica. I bought a bushnell range finder which Ok worked but was no comparison when compared to the Leica (consistency of range calculation, light gathering) and guess what 12 months later purchased the Leica and never looked back. When it comes to optics you get what you pay for.

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    I have the older type yardagepro bino's in 8x36. Spot on piece of kit. Not the greatest in low light but I only use them in the morning on new ground to get a mental idea of distances, the better quality binos coming out in the after noon.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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