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The Trophy Barn Simulated Deer Day

Ideal for beginners or just stalking practice.

7th April I am hosting a simulated stalk for 3beginners or any stalker wanting some practice on life size deer targets.
You may bring your own rifle or one can be provided.
The day is to help stalkers practice there skill of shootingin all different scenarios and ranges. We all claim how good a shot we are butpractice never goes a miss
Targets can be shot up to 250 yrds and as close as 70yrds.
I have a 200 acre patch of ground with 20 targets in allsorts of terrain from woodland to grass land plus gorse and brambles. Thetargets are all silhouette roe and muntjac and are all painted.

You will have the opportunity to.
Shoot from a high seat at targets from 70 yds to 250 yds
Walk the valley shooting from sticks and bi pods out to 200yds
Shoot targets form open grass land and woodland
Running roe deer.
3 life size Reds
17 Roe and Muntjac

£70 per person for the day
£10 rifle higher plus the cost of ammo used.

Any centre fire calibre from .22 upto .30 may be used.
This is a fun day with a serious side to it.

For More Information Please PM me
Cheers Andrew