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Thread: Not the best way to deal with people…

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    Not the best way to deal with people…

    I traveled on Saturday morning with a friend to Euston Hall Thetford, to attend the CIC Trophy measuring day.
    We left quite early and took the back roads through Halsted and Sudbry as the A12 and A14 is very boring. Plenty of pigeons feeding early on the rape from the out skirts of Chelmsford all the way to Thetford.
    A few miles to our destination we spotted a stalker on our right, as we passed the end of the wood, there were 2 Roe deer sitting out in the field around 200 yds out, so we spun around and decided to watch for a few minutes hoping to see the doe drop on the spot.

    Then a big red 4x4 towing a beaters trailer went past us and pulled up quite sharply and swung in to the field. A few seconds later a chap came walking down the foot path with a pace to his step, as he came closer the deer got up and moved off.
    I had worked out what he was going to ask me but never mentioned to my friend who was driving. So I wound down the window and waited for him to speak. He said “are you broken down” I replied no, but did you think we were going to shoot your deer?

    That is the real truth why you have stopped; he then said well I noticed the deer antlers in the back of the car as I went past.
    The conversation did carry on about they had deer shot from the side of the road etc and to be honest I was disappointed with his manner as stalking guide. We decided to leave so we pulled up to the farm track and head off to our destination, a head popped out from the back of the beaters trailer and a guy stepped out in stalking clothes with a camera and rifle case on the seat.

    So seizing the moment I said good morning to him and he replied in a Scandinavian accent good morning. I then replied did you want a picture of these and pulled off the back seat the set antlers I was taking to be measured.
    The Danish guy went to take a picture of me with them but I handed them to the guide who really didn’t want his picture taken and was regretting that he had bothered to come and talk to us!
    The guide could have approached us in a far different manor to say the least, also we were heading to a location of a large estate full of over seas stalking clients who could well have pulled up to watch the deer just like us!
    We enjoyed the day, met some interesting people and learnt something about watching deer from the side of the road!!


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    You can never anticipate how anyone will treat you, some that you think will be approachable turn out to be donkeys, some you think no i can be bothered with but turn out to be decent.
    You where polite and that's the best way to be.

    I don't see any pictures of the medal your head won .

    atb f,

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    As with all walks of life there are plenty of knobs and plenty of great people. Here is no exception. Even on this site I am amazed by the amount of "holier than thou people" and then on the other hand the huge generosity of others that I haven't met.

    But that is life and it would be boring if we were all the same. Maybe the bloke had a bad day and just wasn't in the mood. It happens. I can be an unsociable bugger at times like everyone.

    But we just get on with it cos just around the corner there is someone who is more than happy to chat all day about everything to us. :-)
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I can see how it appears to you, but I do also wonder how it would have appeared to the other guy? He sees a car drive past that then swings round and pulls over to the side of the road with a view out into a field, so suspicions aroused. Driving past the guy then sees antlers in the back of the car, so suspicions confirmed. This doesn't excuse his later attitude, but in areas where "drive by" deer poaching is rife I can perhaps understand where he was coming from.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I think you slightly miss read my post, we saw a stalker on our right as we were heading to the CIC meeting, when we had passed the wood their were 2 roe deer sitting out in the field, so we decided to turn around and see if the stalker took out the doe.
    After being there a few minutes THEN the red 4x4 towing the beaters trailer came past us. He then pulled in to the field by the edge of the wood and walked down to come and speak to us, in his haste he disturbed the 2 deer in the field.
    He spoke to me first as you would have read….
    To be honest I very much doubt he could have seen the antlers as he was driving past, he had a much better view as he was looking at me through the passenger side window.
    If other people decide to break the law and shoot deer from the side of the road that a matter for the police, what I took offence to was being tarred with the same brush and being treated like a poacher.
    He clearly made a mistake and never bothered to deal with the way he approached us,
    We could have been anybody looking at the deer, it just happened to be me!


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    I would probably be dissapointed as well if i was mistaken for someone likely to poach deer.
    On the other hand I can't really say i'd blame the guy for checking what you were up to.
    I think we all know that although it's a job for the police to catch those who might be up to know good, we would all do well to be on our guard especially if there is a history of crime in our areas (as he had said there was).

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    Tarred with the same brush you must be jokin, some people on this forum recon if you wear real tree and own a terrier you must be a poacher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    some people on this forum recon if you wear real tree and own a terrier you must be a poacher.
    its not always realtree.. but the terrier really is the give away.

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    Don't really understand the point of this thread/post. Most folk with livestock, game/deer, farming interests are likely too treat parked vehicles on their patch as suspect.
    Without investigating your intentions how was the guy expected to react too 2 strangers looking the part watching his deer on his ground?

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    +1 with shortshot

    A pointless thread

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