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Thread: savage axis/edge

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    savage axis/edge

    Been looking at getting a left handed one in 243. does anyone use one? Any good? accuracy?

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    I have shot -but not owned- one and accuracy was as good as any factory sporter I've tried. If you don't mind the looks, I think it's a bargain that won't disappoint on performance.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Good info here

    although you may need to sign up).

    I have owned two excellent Savages (my current 7mm-08 is a 16FVSS) and they have both been extremely accurate. The trigger can be heavy - but adjustable if Accutrigger and / or cheap to replace the springs.
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    I'm sorely tempted to get one of these as a local dealer has them on sale at about 200. Unfortunately though I'm rather short on space in the cabinet......

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    I shoot an Axis in .243, love it, but I class a rifle as a tool. Shoots straight and true as any other rifle. Its the bloke behind it that makes the shot
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    I don't like the looks but you can't fault the accuracy. At the last Club Shoot a fellow had one in 30-06 and was putting Federal Factory ammo under an inch at 100M.~Muir

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