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Thread: stalking with JRoe

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    stalking with JRoe

    Well had arranged a morning and evening stalk with JRoe of this site yesterday. So headed up to his house on the friday night and stay in his b&b on the friday night for an early rise on the sat morning.

    After a brief chat on the friday night we agreed we would set out about 6.30am so we were out first light. As JR ground is only a 5 min drive from his house this was perfect timing, on just arriving into his ground we spotted a doe looking over the banking at us but no shot and also not very sporting either so left her to enjoy her day. Then off we set further in both at the same time spy somthing walking down the hedge and on looking with the binos shows its a fox whos lucks in as he sneeks back into the wood (still to get my self a fox) so back on our way to park up and stalk the first peice of wood.

    So off we set on foot into the first area and about a hundred yards in spots a deer up front so up comes the binoculars for the id witch shows up to be a cracking buck totally clean of velvet. So we let him pass making sure he had no does and we then move on. JR decided it was best to cut through the wood stopping glassing every 10-15 yrds as every step totally changes what you can see. A few hundred yards in and were on another deer crouch down while trying to id with its back to us feeding this was quiet clearly another buck another cracker clean of velvet who just happend to think it would be great to have a wee lie down right in our path so we tryed going keeping away but enevitably bumped him not to worry thou and off we go. Well stalked the rest of that wood with no more luck but that was 2 bucks and a doe already seen so it was promising . We then headed off to another wooded area walking down the main path checking every so often. then checked in off the main path only to head about 5 yrds in and bump another buck another good looking buck still in velvet thou. as he moved on and stoped i spotted the doe looking directly at me so checking with the binos its a doe and realise from here theres no shot presenting its self so slipping the rifle off moves to the side to see if i could get a better view. only for her to turn broadside to JR which was where i was just standing. Then moves off not stopping so we try stalking after her as she hasnt really taking in full flight but no luck huddini act. well as the mornings got on time to head back to JR for some breakfast and a chat over a coffee. JR has some great tips and knowlage that he was more than happy to share also showing me some of his other guns giving me plenty to think about when i go for my own rifle.

    Well after getting refreshed and charged up was time to head back out and try another peice of wood. it was mid afternoon by now was a lovely day with a bit of wind picking up so all was looking good for stalking till we steped into the wood and there seemend to be no wind witch made every sound very noticable but off we go on foot. We were just making our way throu the wood checking every so often till i heard somthing behind us and sure enuf the rear of a roe moving off behind us. it must have been on one side off the holly bush as we walked round the other. we had a small stalk back to see if it had stopped but no luck so back on our intended track, then coming from our left to right bump another 3 deer and up against a tree incase they stop but no luck none stopped long enuf for a positive id or shot so no such luck. we try stalk round to where we think they might have moved onto. on futher stalking in JR catches sight of one going over a small ridge so its drop down lowand get to the next ridge to get sight to see if any shot presents its self. so on reaching top of the ridge i spot a small buck still in velvet so imeditaly think lucks not in but on further checking spots another deer. with its head directly infront of a tree id is proving hard so have another scan and spots a definit doe. So decide shes mines so glove off up against a tree now cant see her still not noticed us lying there all piece full i moved to the side and set the sticks up. just at that they all seem to stand up so perfect text book shot sends one her direction and sees her drop instant to the shot good reload and check again yip dead. with all the confusion of where the shot had come from 3 deer have turned into 5. i spot another doe but with her facing one way and a buck facing another and her chest exposed i decide i cant take the shot incase he moves forward. so wait with crosshairs on her he moves off out the way. i then snatch a rushed shot and miss her. So now i know what it feels like to go from an instant high to instant low but im 100% sure its a clean miss. so off they all disapere and we wait 10 mins so let things calm down and in the blink of an eye one comes back from where they had gone to about turn and head back away.

    We then procide forward with john taking care of the first deer and me moving off to where i had fired at the second one just to check with no sings of blood or hair i then moved onto where they had all headed out of sight and checked the ground for anys signs but nothing i was more than sure i had missed but always best to check.then headed back to the first beast and JR talked me throu the gralloch. some practice for my level 2. i then lift the carcass to the road while JR goes to get the car. With JR living so close to the ground we took it back to his place to hang it up as it was pretty warm and didnt want to leave it inside the car.

    After we took it back we decided to head back to the biggist area of woodland and stalk throu that but with no such luck but think a dog walker had seen to that. JR decided it would be a good idea to go back and check the buck and doe we had spooked earlier and sure enuf there they were nearly the exact same area but again been seen before we seen. So they moved off again wise old doe and on futher stalking in spotted another buck and doe on the skyline so as they passed over we decided to try stalk upto them kepping really low and quiet. as were we got to where they should have been but no luck and light slowly fading away decided one last quick check while heading back.

    So all in all a great day in the country side with plenty deer around and JR who as a quide really couldnt ask for any more. i will definety be returning for one of those cracking bucks. A big thanks to JR who really does know how to make you feel welcome and will do his best to get you onto a shot. Thats the second time i have travelled up to there and havent been disapointed yet.

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    Great write up! JR has some lovely land with plenty of deer, hes a top bloke as well. Im looking forward to hopefully getting out with him in April after one of those clean bucks!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Yeah he's a real top guy. There some real nice bucks and good luck am sure JR will do his best to get you onto one.


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    That's a great account of our day - - I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Thanks both for the kind words, hopefully you'll both catch up with one of those Bucks in the near future.


    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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