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Thread: 700 police...veiws wanted

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    700 police...veiws wanted

    hi all. Im thinking of buying a 700 police in .308

    wanted to know what people thought of them.

    Im currently useing a 700 sps tactical in .223. customised with H&S stock and aftermarket trigger,

    I would be looking to customise to similar set up. do you think the police is a good starting point?

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    Hmm, well all of the remington vices aside, if i were going to bling a remington, i would start with an SPS (V) as its the same as a PSS but without the HS stock. Theyre cheaper than a S/H stock and if your going to customise anyways, you may as well do the same. I has a PSS in .223 which shot well. I also had a .308 SPS(V) which i changed trigger, had recrowned and tinkered with and also put a HS stock on it. That shot ok.

    Im not a lover of remingtons but they are value for money, they do what they say on the tin.

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    all would need to do is sort the trigger.


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    It'll have the xmark pro2 trigger which can be fettled quite nicely. The std stock is an HS with a full alu block, so no need to mess with it really.
    As you already have an SPS you will know these things are heavy, adding 6" of heavy barrel won't help in that dept.

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