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Thread: Old rifles vs. modern models

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    Old rifles vs. modern models

    I would like to hear from you if the old sakos (75),sauers (80,90) etc. were better built than the modern versions ? Whatís your opinion?

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    Rumour has it that the Sako 75's are much better than the newer 85's which is lucky as I have a couple of 75's!
    I'm sure that modern technology such as computer controlled lathes etc have revolutionised the firearm industry and they certainly don't 'make them like they used to'!
    Accuracy has probably improved but looks may have taken a dive. I prefer accuracy and reliability to looks.

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    Ok then the modern rifles perform better but are they more reliable, they will last like the old ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roch View Post
    Ok then the modern rifles perform better but are they more reliable, they will last like the old ones?
    Stainless steel, synthetic stocks, non/less corrosive powders, coated bullets, better lubricants/protective coatings, etc.....
    I'd say they'll last a while!

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    Today in Bisley I was shooting a 134 year old rifle. I wonder if any of the T3s or Howas will last that long.
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    I shoot with a Sauer 200 and have done so for the last 20ys, the rifle is about 30yrs old with a old SB scope. Five years ago we down sized (house) and had a bit of money spare so I bought a new 202 with a kaps Scope. The build quality on the old model is better than the new one and when my hand goes in the gun safe I alway end up pulling the old one out. The old one and me are good mates, I could never sell it.
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    Sako 75 would not consider them old, I have an A11 and IMO its better built than the 75s

    Are modern rifles better, too much plastic and aluminium in my opinion which makes a rifle cheaper to produce
    does not make it any cheaper to buy, are modern rifles more reliable? I doubt it, will they last longer I don't think so.

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    In a word Yes!But comparatively modern rifles are a lot cheaper than the old days. Where I think the big difference is is that today's "cheap" rifles are a lot more accurate than old out of the box rifles. Modern machine tools in particular CNC allow much closer tolerances to be built in, whereas to get that quality in the past would have required a high degree of manual skill. I would suggest the action of a modern T3 or Howa etc is a lot squarer / closer to the blue print than the budget rifles of the past. Whether they are tougher etc is a moot point. A lot of that will depend on the user and most old rifles we see around today are actually little used, or well maintained. There must be hundreds/thousands of Parker hales/ enfields etc that were working rifles that were used and abused in their lifetime and have to the great smelter in the sky.

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    Got a sako 75 when they came out thought they were good then, had a notion to go british as i have a lot of old english guns so i did .
    The quality wasnt bad (parker hale ltw 1100 ) and the rifle had not seen much work sd member said about 100rds , but no way would it shoot as good as my pevious sako or remmy's etc.
    The bore scope showed why there were lots of tooling marks and a damaged section of rifling the smith said less than good factory quality control.
    Went back to the 75 varmint for my foxing and roe , then splashed out on another std 75 in .308 for larger quary, chopped them both back to 20" and fitted cmm4 mods .
    Over the moon with the rifles both shoot well and have quality wood, good blued metal work for mid range rifles they handle really nice too for moderated firearms.
    You won't go wrong with a 75 or any other older sako i dare say. DF

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    i wouldnt really class the sako 75 as an old model it came out in 1997 , the 85 in 2006 so not a great deal of time in between. i have an 85 very nice and quality is top notch, never used a 75 but could only imagine they are as good, for old models would have thought Sako A1 compared to 85/75 would give a better old/new comparison, sure someone will have both models to compare against, edit just read bogtrotters reply

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