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Thread: Drive-by shooting (or Stick to the Plan!!)

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    Drive-by shooting (or Stick to the Plan!!)

    We learn?.......

    On one of my permissions there is a fair amount of area to cover so most of my shooting is done from my vehicle - plus I like to know that all I need is with me in my vehicle. I also find “touring” can be more productive than high seat (or static vehicle) sitting and the local wildlife seem fairly comfortable with passing traffic.

    Normally, when I shoot a deer, I will either drive the vehicle to the spot where it lays or (if that is not possible) I will take the roe sack. If I take the vehicle to the dead animal I then suspend it from an old towball-mounted bike rack to do the gralloch plus head & feet off before taking to my local game dealer for prepping (15 jointed & packed, freezer ready – good value I reckon).

    Friday evening, with the last knockings of daylight imminent (but still definitely legal !!!), I rounded the last corner in the last field for that evening tour and there, at about 220 yards just emerging from a mid-field scrubby pond surround, was a muntie buck. I mounted the rifle and thought shall I / shan't I because, A) I don’t particularly like gralloching in the dark and, B) I was getting a bit late for being home for Madam’s vino time (6pm).

    Anyway the 22-250 rifle (and me) had been performing fairly well earlier with a couple of longish range rabbits plus a crow and a magpie but the overriding decision maker was the bleatings that I had been getting from the (long departed, homes of their own) kids “we’ve run out of venison. When are you going to top our freezers up?”

    Decision made I squeezed the trigger and heard the satisfying “therwump” of a 55gr Sierra SP smack home and the buck just fell sideways and did not move.


    Not having the time to wait for any possible second deer to appear I got out of the car, grabbed my knife plus gloves out of the Roe Sack (why did I not take the whole bloody thing I have no idea) and started across the field which I then noticed was wet heavy soil which had been ploughed in to potato stitches the size of mini tsunami’s!

    By the time I reached the deer I was near knackered just carrying a knife but there it lay with a perfect heart / lung entry hole and no exit wound. Well done Mr Remington, Mr Hodgdon and Mr Sierra. Well pleased.

    I then went to move the deer to the nearby pond bank in order to bleed it and I thought “bloody hell, this thing is huge”. Possibly the biggest muntie I have ever shot.

    Anyway, I bled it out then performed (for me) a fairly quick and surprisingly tidy for a laid-on-side gralloch after which I picked up the deer to finish the rest off at the car.

    I maybe getting on a bit & I consider myself fairly fit but after 50 yards of arms-length muntie swinging in (what seemed to be) ever deepening soft-mud WW1 trenches I had to stop.

    After the second 50 yards my arms were burning with pain and my boots had taken on mud clumps the size of snow shoes with still a further 100 yards or so to go.

    Anyway, I eventually got back to the car where I completed the prep - but I was shattered.

    Saturday morning I could hardly get out of bed. Sunday was worse and even today (Monday) the tops of my arms still feel like lumps of lead.

    Next time I will definitely take the roe sack. If its a fallow it can live in peace!
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    Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it, hump it or learn from it then piss on it and walk away.

    "HOSPITALITY" - the art of making guests feel at home (when you wish they were).

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    Ah Pirelli stalking

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    Bloody hell - good job it wasn't a red! I had to drag a hind back to the truck the other day. On my own, over boggy ground - and, by the time I'd got it gralloched, in the dark.

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    Park the car+walk, funnily enough you get fitter. Makes dragging deer easier

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    The joys of heavy clay soils.

    I had to carry two un-grallocked munties 400 mtrs out of a marsh a few weeks ago. Luckily I always carry a length of bailing twine in my pocket so I tied their legs together and slung them over my shoulder.
    By the time I reached the truck I had a wellie full of claret and clothes to match, and I was contemplating a heart attack. Brilliant day.

    Moral of the story, your clothes will wash, just throw it over your shoulder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Ah Pirelli stalking
    Yokohama, please....
    Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it, hump it or learn from it then piss on it and walk away.

    "HOSPITALITY" - the art of making guests feel at home (when you wish they were).

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    general grabber AT2's. dont the deer twig after a while what is coming thier way ?

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    a few years ago i shot 3 good doe's 200yds out,i carried them back to the hedge one at a time then grallocked them,then i carried all 3 with with my varmint rifle and binos about 1 mile uphill across wet ploughed fields,i stopped twice,once to get over a gate and next stop was over a barbed wire fence and v ditch,both times to get my breath back,i was sweating like never before,weighed in carcases next morning and all 3 together was 124lb.never again will i do 3 and lug them that far,did 2 yesterday near the same spot.still made me sweat though,didnt stop this time.
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    This is the first time i have ever heard of a hard drag with a muntie!

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    What an incredibly lazy way to shoot deer

    If you cannot shift a muntie a few hundred metres without struggling then I would seriously consider a trip to the docs for a health check

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