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Thread: .17 Rem wanted please!

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    .17 Rem wanted please!

    Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

    First post from a newbie and as above I am looking for a really nice condition .17 Rem rifle, ideally a Sako A1 Vixen/S491 action in a sporter variant, although I would consider a Tikka also perhaps.

    If anyone knows where I might find one for sale or knows someone whom might be interested in selling theirs for a good price please let me know - thanks!

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    hi mate there is a sako l491 here but its varmint ive handled it and its nice. imo though the barrel is to short for 17 remington.
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    Tikka 595 in morgans of oswestry last time I was there (couple of weeks ago) its possible it was my mates old rifle as he sold one to them. If its his then its been there for quite a while and might be worth a cheeky offer.

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    Thanks Ezzy,

    Its up for 750 c/w sling, bases, rings, bipod and mod - if it is your mates what sort of condition is it in and any idea on shot count please? Thanks!

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