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Thread: Minox Binoculars

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    Minox Binoculars

    Hello all, I have carefully read the "best binos" threads that crop up on here from time to time.
    I have a pair of Minox High Grade (HG) on the way in the post.
    A search reveals that Thar,Griffshrek & OldKeeper use these bins.
    If any of you gents want to note your findings on this thread be my guest,as when I get my hands on my pair I will just tell it as I find it,without having had much use of binoculars in the past, I imagine that you guys would be able to offer a slightly more eloquent review than I will.
    All this aside, I am looking forward to getting out & seeing some deer through them this week. Have a good one - Danny

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    I recently purchased some Minox hg's as well.

    I've directly compared them to Leica's and Swaroski's. In terms of twilight use they've been as good as both. I compared them to Leica's at a gunshop and was told the Minox's were ***** and they wouldn't last. Well they have a 30 yr guarantee and time will tell.

    I am sure you will be as happy with yours as I am with mine.


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    Ballibeg - I will do the same, I plan on going out stalking with guys who use binos from Swaro/Leica & I will get them to give me a look through them so as I can have a side by side comparison.
    I quite honestly could not justify spending a months salary on swaro/leica when I may only go out stalking a couple of times a week!
    If stalking was my occupation,that would be different, but like I say spending over a grand on glass is just beyond my means!

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    I believe Minox are produced by a group of ex-Leica senior technical bods who exited Leica and set up in competition.

    The Yanks give them very favourable reviews. Check out 24hrcampfire for info.

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    I also missed out Caorach, who is another minox user. This could be the start of something big - breaking away from the mandatory Swarovski EL's! I suppose in fairness I should reserve judgement until they arrive.

    Claret Dabbler - I like it how when you go for German optics there's often a similar brand that costs less,it's the same with scopes.

    I did read the 24 hour campfire review & was relieved they didn't have anything bad to say!

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    oh oh, that's me in the frame then!

    I like my Minox. If I was using them every day then I would probably have bought Swaro. If I used them for my occupation then I would also probably have gone with Swaro but for something that might get used once per week when averaged over the year I think that Minox fits the bill.

    I have seen them perform better than Swaros in low light conditions but I don't think they are as robust and well built as the Swaros and for the casual user that is probably not a problem.

    As you say DL I think they are at just the right spot on the cost/quality graph to make them ideal for the casual user such as myself. I don't for one minute believe they are the best binos on earth but when I consider all the variables from my perspective they are the best for me.

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    I bought a pair of HG 8.5 x 53 last year for £450 & i'm chufed to bits with them , i couldn't justify paying twice the price for the amount of stalking i currently do but they seem pretty much bang on the money to me .
    Two niggles -
    Dont lay down on them on the hill as I managed to squash the the surround on the objective lens & the nice knurled focus wheels which made you want to buy them in the shop is very conspicuous & shiny unces up & down around you neck in a gloomy woodany suggestions as to how to dull it down ?

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    One thing I didnít like about my Minox HG were the lens covers, I brought a set of Swavo ones for a tenner, these are much better unlike the binís them selves. I have compared mine to all the top brands more than once and none were better some may be equal and some noticeable worse.

    In New Zealand, another place were your gear really takes some hammer compared to here, they also really rate Minox, but they are not so brand conscious as here.

    Best rgds


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    I found the same as Thar, great binos but the lense covers are a nuisance. They are actually worse than useless.
    I like the Minox (other than the covers) because they are relatively smaller and lighter than the Leica, Zeiss or Svaro alternatives but seem to do just as good a job at a far lower price.

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    Gents, I agree with what has been said, the binos are amazing.
    It actually felt like a treat to look through them, whereas with the old pair, half the time I would leave them at home,because I was sick of carrying them! I can see the minoxes really improving my stalking. Cheers for the tip.

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