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Thread: Xylitol poisonous to dogs?

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    Xylitol poisonous to dogs?

    Heard a whisper today that this sweetener is highly toxic to Dogs, any one of our vets clarify please?

    Or knowledgeable members?


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    xylitol is toxic to dogs. One they tend to like sweet things and will drink fizzy drinks etc when flat. It cause hypoglycaemia ( drop in blood sugar ) liver damage and if severe enough death

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    I believe this is also in chewing gum.
    I always spit mine where dogs are not likely to get it.


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    I received this email about xylitol , it seems that it is also used in most sugar free gums etc

    "Hi allJust got this from a vet friend and thought it should be passed round. All the vets in her practice have just been informed about a study on Xylitol a sugar substitute found in some processed food and on sale as a sugar substitute, it has been found to be poisonous to dogs, it has the same affect as giving insulin and there is no antidote the dog will die, 1Teaspoon is enough to kill a GSD, so if you put 2 tsp in a mug of tea, only drank half and left the other half for the dog you would be killing it. It has no effect on humans or cats just dogs as far as I know. The Vets in our area don't want to put a poster up in the surgery in case some one uses it maliciously!!! "

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    Thanks for the confirmation.

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    Yes it is toxic, I don't have a safe dose to hand but cases have usually resulted from quite large ingestions. Treatment is IV sugar (glucose/dextrose). Causes massive insulin release.

    Not something you need to worry about if the dog eats a stray mint, and there is a safe, easily obtained cure.

    More people aren't aware that grapes and raisins can be poisonousness to dogs. Had a dog die this week from rodentacide poisoning whilst we were collecting blood for its transfusion.

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