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Thread: Hello from Dumfriesshire

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    Hello from Dumfriesshire


    Just to introduce myself, My wife and I have always had an interest in stalking but until now not had the time to pursue the sport, We both shoot and have 4 working dogs (2 ESS,1 cocker and 1 border terrier). Due to my wife’s career change which included a move to Dumfriesshire we now have some spare time to try stalking to see if it is a sport we would enjoy. We both love everything involved with countryside and have helped the keepers on our local shoots i.e Beating, rearing, pen repairs etc. Not sure if it is best to do our DSC1 before we start stalking or to just give it a try first, we have been advised both ways by friends. I look forward to reading all you comments on the forum



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    Welcome to the site Wayne.

    Im in a similar position and have decided to get some time in the field before completing the DSC1.

    Im not sure that I want to sit tests and demonstrate shooting ability without more real world experince.

    I don't think there is a one fit solution to begining stalking, if you have experienced people helping you along then the DSC1 can wait a while.



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    Welcome to the site!

    I'd agree with Daemo - give stalking a try first before committing to going for your DSC1, applying for your firearms ticket, buying a rifle/binoculars, etc. There are plenty of people out there who will take you out to see if the sport is right for you.

    Look forward to reading your posts!


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    welcome to the site if you like stalking and decide to do your dsc 1 then you could do alot worse than contact ronnie rose in dumfriese-shire.
    heres his website

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    Thanks for replies

    I have enjoyed reading the many questions and answers on the forum, I hope you will be gentle on me when I ask what will appear to you as daft questions !

    We hope over the next few years not only to stalk but also to get a better understanding deer management, with this in mind if there is anyone in the Dumfries area who needs any help with deer management such as habitat impact assessments, population assessment, dog training or just a willing pair of hands please pm me.



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