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Thread: Snugtop lock.

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    Snugtop lock.

    Hi all, have been trying to locate a lock for a snugtop hardtop, I believe there called a pop out, any body got any ideas where I can get one, snogtop quoted 130 odd, seems a lot of money for not a lot of lock to me. $30 in the states but cant get 1 shipped over, any ideas?

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    Hi, I to am looking for a Navara snugtop lock as mine is bust. I read on a forum that a garage door lock from Toolstation/Screwfix fits straight on for 10. Looking at my garage door lock and the snugtop lock there is not a lot of difference, i will be trying this soon. I hope this helps. Ian

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    Thanks mate, if it works give me a shout, Have seen a similar one at RS componants, have to have a measure up to see if it will fit.

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    Not sure but have a mooch at this website :
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    formular4x4 may have them.

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