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Thread: Anschutz 1517 .17HMR and bore guides

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    Anschutz 1517 .17HMR and bore guides

    I have just got a new .17HMR Annie 1517. I bought a .17HMR bore guide but it does not want to fit into the chamber as the rifle bolt guide seems very close to line of bore and the bore guide simply will not go in. Is there a special bore guide for 1517's? I certainly want to use one as it is .17 cal. Please advise 1517 owners!

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    The link below is the bore guide i use and well worth the cost and wait as it was ordered from the states, hope this helps.

    anschutz bore guides | M.Werks, L.L.C.


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    Hey thanks very much. You can see immediately that they have it figured. The bolt guide will throw the cleaning rod in one direction and inevitably wear down the barrel in the opposite direction if you do not use a bore guide, but this one seems to fit the action. I am going to the USA at the end of March so will try to pre-order one up.

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    You can get them cheap enough from reloading solutions.

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    Okay will try them maybe too. It seems that Anschutz should say something in their manuals or make a bigger deal out of this to keep people in the know. The best would be if they supplied the rifle with a bore guide.

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