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Thread: Fallow Tanning

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    Fallow Tanning

    Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can tan a Fallow skin for me with the HAIR ON.

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    There was also a tannery featured in shooting times a few months ago that was somewhere in the south west of england.
    Sorry can't remember the name.

    Barrhead are able to tan any skins with or without the hair left on. I have not used them but have previously spoken with them about getting some skins done.

    Hope this is of some help

    All the best


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    Thats a big help Ben P and much appreciated.

    I will call them tomorrow.

    Thanks again


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    Deer tanning.

    This was an article in a recent shooting mag.
    It gives a link to the fella that privides the pelts, as well as a DIY guide by Graham Downing.
    Oh, heres some tanning kits too!

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    The article in Shooting Times that Ben refers to was in July last year. I can send you a scan of it if that would help, just PM me your email address. The company involved was Fenland Sheepskin (


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    Thanks for the help you guy's, am waiting for reply from Barrheadleather and will post result's one way or the other.


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