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Thread: help with defender engine please

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    help with defender engine please

    i have a 1992 landrover defender,she is solid but the engine wouldnt pull you out of bed
    i am thinking of replacing it with a reconditioned lump what would you guys recommend? at the moment she has a 2.5 diesel

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    ive had various the v8 petrol was awesome but horrendous on fuel but the td5 was very good i had an overdrive fitted so the fuel ecomomy was good but even without i prefer the td5 to the currant 2.4 puma engine which i currantly have

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    Don't know what engine you have but Td5 is a good lump but then again the trusty 300Tdi takes some beating! The Td5 takes an ECU remap very well, had mine done with a few other bits and was getting around 210 Bhp and still returned about 30mpg!

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    300tdi every time - reliable, economic (relatively speaking), drops straight in, plenty of spares around. Personally I'd avoid Japanese exotics and adapter plates!

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    Would a 300tdi slip straight in there ?

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    Slap a 300 tdi in her, remove the cat and the egr valve.

    You may need to get a new mnounting bracket welded in, but they are easily available and mostly come with a jig that fits onto the steering pump bolts to get it right.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    Would a 300tdi slip straight in there ?
    i have a whole one on sale in clasifieds, take the engine out break the rest and bingo your in the money

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    I've had two 110's and two Disco's with 2.5 nat asp, 200 and 300Tdi.

    Never owned a Td5 but did tow a heavy (3 tonne) boat all the way from Blyth to Nairn with one - the torque is unbelievable! You could put the foot down in fourth gear at 30mph and it just PULLED - all five tonnes of rig!

    You should also consider though how hard it is to actually change the engine - I would suspect that the five pot may be harder to retro fit though - you might be better to peruse some LR sites to find this out. The chassis could require modification - the engine mounts certainly will. Also the drive train - to be honest I'm a bit out of touch there but I do know the 300 (BMW) boxes were crap - I had one and the dealer had to change the oil several times to get it to change gear. I may be wrong but I thhink the 200 should be a straight swap on the older (2.5) box. If you have to change the whole drive train this could be an expensive mod. Whatever you do you will need new radiator, exhaust, etc etc. The belts on all of these engines need regular changing or they WILL break - its happened to me many times.

    If you are seriously considering this I'd suggest you look to an LR forum and ask a few questions.

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    I would replace the engine with the a 300tdi. Not to much hassle fitting, plenty of spare parts available and very easy to work on yourself. Ian

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