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Thread: Skin for training

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    Skin for training

    Hi guys
    Can I start of by stating that I write in total naivety?
    I am about to start the training of my newly acquired Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla who is a year old and has never done anything on deer only on game birds.
    I have the relevant equipment, Scent Shoes, Trail Lead and Collar, Blood and feet.
    My question is, I do not have a native deer skin but have numerous “Backskins” from various African animals I have taken over the years.
    My idea was to get a bolster of foam and wrap the skin round it to make it realistic as to size, so that he tracks the blood to the skin.
    All skins have been professionally done.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Davie, in the early stages it's all about the scent and a reward at the end of the trail. Simple trails to start and get progressively older and harder as your WHV gets more confident and proficient. The reward could be anything that excites the dog.
    In any event whatever skin you do use for later training will have the blood scent off the track on it so I don't see an old African skin being a problem.
    Good luck

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    Thanks Prometheus for your advice.


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    I started preparing skins with salt, etc. After a few tracks, I realized that she prefered finding "legs", so I left the ones I used to track as a reward. The problem in overnight tracks is that foxes also like them, so sometimes there was no reward at the end. I always carry some bits of sausage, she loves it as she usually gets dog food.

    I use the same legs a few times, when they start to smell, I replace them. Meanwhile to the freezer. Keep your skins for the trophy room!

    After doing a few real tracks, she shows no interest at all in the legs, sxin, skull... but fortunately,she continues to do not real tracks.

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    Fresh skin only, not great big bits. Or use legs. freeze them and take out when you need one. Use and put back in the freezer till the next time. As soon as they don't smell fresh, throw away. Try giving your dog a deer leg to play with. Have a game with the dog and then take the leg of the dog. don't let the dog start eating the leg. Make the deer leg his favorite play thing. Always tie the leg at the end of the trail to stopfoxs taking it.
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