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Thread: Night force 5.5-22x56 NP2-DD ceracoted !

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    Night force 5.5-22x56 NP2-DD ceracoted !

    I am selling a NSX night force scope as stated on behalf of a friend
    Scope is mint with new cerokate with standard turret i.e. no zero stop
    I don't have picture until Sunday
    960 posted insured UK
    0.25 MOA standard turrets
    No marks at all
    UK purchased
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    As stated standard turrets

    So "No"

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    Is it the NXS model

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    Yes It is

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfie55 View Post
    hey do you have any pics??
    He said no pictures until Sunday!

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    Coating was done by Jaegar Sporting Arms - aka James Clark
    It was done to match a new build project however plans did not work out

    Here are photos as promised

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    This service is available to anyone with a scratched or damaged (within reason) scope. I can make most scopes look like new again.

    PM me for details.

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