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Thread: 45-70 reloading

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    45-70 reloading

    I am hopfully (dependant on variation) going to start reloading in 45-70 in the near future (also .44). I already reload .243 & .308 using a Redding Big Boss II press and RCBS dies so have experience with "necked cases" etc.

    The questions are
    1. which kit would you guys recommend for reloading 45-70 & also .44
    2. do you think that my Redding press would be best or should I go for indexing type as I will be loading quite a lot of 44.
    3. what dies for the 45-70 & 44, have heard that the Lee ones are more than capable (would they fit in my press)

    All suggestions gratefully recieved and anyone that might have some reloading kit and components for the 45-70 give me a shout as I would be interested.

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    Lee are fine and will fit your dies. Order a Factory Crimp Die when you do, it will make your loads very uniform. What ".44" are you thinking of??~Muir

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    Hi Muir

    I have a Marlin .44 Mag underlever and would like to start reloading my own.

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    Nice! That will be fun. The same applies on the crimp die advice. For maximum accuracy, don't seat & crimp at the same time as is poplar with many pistol die sets. Do it in individual operations, and trim for uniformity.~Muir

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