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Thread: An introduction; my name is BIA

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    An introduction; my name is BIA

    I am a 6 month old hanoverian scenthound with a pedigree that made my boss shake his head. He had never seen anything like it. He is also slowly finding out that I have a mind of my own.

    The future looks good. I guess there will be lots of training and hard work but there will also be great conforts. I have already taken over the labradors basket and toys and explained to her that she is only welcome in the room where I am by invitation.

    As soon as training starts I'll report on my progress. Click image for larger version. 

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    Keep us posted and best of luck

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    lovely dog baron
    is that three you have now?
    is it a dog or a bitch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by upscuttled View Post
    lovely dog baron
    is that three you have now?
    is it a dog or a bitch?
    It is her caracter that is so fascinating. This is my daughters so I cannot call her mine.

    She is a bitch and Robbo got another bitch.

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    A good looking strong HS , all the best with her and i hoop to see her soon .

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    Nice bitch there Baron but i think that BIA is just a RIA rip off lol. Sadly for yu there can be only one winner

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    cracking looking hound there Georges, gutted i couldn't have one
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    nice looking hound George, wish i had said yes after what you told me on monday....!!

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    Lovely looking dog Georges, no doubt I will get to see them all in the flesh soon...

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