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Thread: stalking in the morning

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    stalking in the morning

    Hi all,
    Just thought i would let you know that i am off stalking in the morning in the snow 8) , nothing new to you northerners but to me in north devon its a rare treat, so sod work
    So long as the old hi lux will get me there

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    good luck,you jammy git the only place my hilux will take me in the morning is work ,let us know how you got on.

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    wot Andy your not out stalking in the morning.............
    my boss phoned me tonite and told me not to bother coming into work, as there was not much i could do
    so guess where i am in the morning

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    Hi Mark
    Nice morning to be out, those reds will be glowing like beacons standing in the woods in the sun. 8)
    I got to work this morning (no escape) let us know how you get on.


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    Well what a difference a few hours makes!!
    Living on top of a hill HILLCREST ROAD not the best place to try and get out of when it snows 4" deep didn't even attempt to get out stalking it would have been a waste of 250 on my insurance excess .Just as well the neighbours bmw x5 didn't look so good after hitting the tree opposite the junction have just come back from sledging with the kids great fun .
    i even dug out my snow camo been in the loft for 15 years
    Will try again tomorrow morning as i have the morning off to attend a conference/course between/by the FC and DI sorry dont know many details but sounds interesting will let you know if any new gossip turns up.
    ATB mark.

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    You jammy buggers, like Wayne I had no escape, bloody Land Rovers.

    Would of loved to get out for a stalk in the snow.

    Jonathon ( at work )

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    sounds like hard work sledging .as you can see im hard at it at work like johnathon

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    never had snow that bad....
    but hey who cares
    i was playing a game in the snow myself
    can you guess


    i'll help you

    it was called " Roe in the Snow"
    so far i'm winning



    that should make your day go quicker Andy

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    well done,the snow is going fast here,lovely and sunny.

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    You should have took the quad


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