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Thread: Browning C2g 20g.

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    Browning C2g 20g.

    Reluctantly i am downsizing my collection of sporting shotguns and this one has fired only a few hundred cartridges....
    Browning C2g in 27 1/2" Game ribbed barrels totally as new.
    I bought it from Herstal direct
    Straight hand stock
    Teardrop and silver inlaid stock
    Full Brady matched leather motor case at extra cost
    It is not a "graded up" like most Brownings for sale in the UK
    15,500 RRP
    PM for price and prefer FTF

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    Best gun on the forum and not 1 reply...

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    R/d i don't doubt it is the best gun on the forum and would like it myself if i wasn't stretched , maybe it needs to go on a more game orientated one maybe guns on pegs or in shooting times something like that,
    In any case good luck with the sale, C2G's are a superb and i would have thought being a 20 makes it even more desirable DF

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    I agree DF but there are many on here that know thier stuff and even have contacts that may be interested in this very nice rare shotgun... if it sells it sells and going by the cost of a new one it will only go up in value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerpath View Post
    I'm a tight Scot and GT costs beer tokens?

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    A photo would probably help?

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    I will try to do a couple....

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    Dig deeper GAZZA you tight Jock!!

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