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Thread: weekends stalking with hunting experiences

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    weekends stalking with hunting experiences

    Just a quick thank you to the lads at hunting experiences, for a great weekend down on the muntjac.
    We all met at the digs on friday to sort out the weekends stalking. They cater for groups so we sorted out who was going where and with who. there were 6 of us shooting so it was high seats this weekend.
    The first night we all saw deer and i got two a buck and a doe, and there was 8 shot i think, great start i thought.
    Then back to the digs for food and beer, the crack started as the beer went down, we all had a right laugh. the next morning off we went to different seats, it was a quiet morning for me i only saw 1 doe but could'nt get a shot but the other lads had success, so that afternoon with all fingers and toes crossed we went out, my seat was in a great place and i felt lucky. luck was with me as i shot another 4. thats 6 for me. Off to the pub for some food and more crack.
    The next morning i got in to my seat and i felt lucky again, and yep i shot another two, there was munjac all over. so back to sort these out and see what else was shot. Then we decided to have another look out on foot and with only 200yards in to the wood i bagged another doe so 9 for me over the weekend and over 20 in total, So a Big thank you for a great weekend and i'll be down again cheers.......

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    Sounds fantastic Danny

    Did you go with Chris


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    Thanks for the Write up Dan, It was good to meet you and Chris and look forward to seeing you both again.
    All the best

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    bloody hell remind me never to invite you stalking did you go buy a lottery ticket straight after ,nice write up well done .

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    his new title is " golden balls dan" and he did have a good weekend , so i,m gonna steal his post

    i was also there that weekend to hopefull fulfill my ambition of getting my first munty ,i have shot quite a few hundred roe over the years but never shot any other breed of deer , i have wanted to get a munty buck for probably 20 years but never really had the chance, not very interested in other species of deer ,
    , i have known one of the hunting experiences team for a good few years now and have listened to tales of munty,s, roe and fallow, but never had the time to go on a trip with them, a couple of lads i know have bin away with them and said it was a good weekend, so i scrimped and saved and eventually bit the bullet and booked a trip away to bag my first munty
    i,ll miss out all the crap about travelling cos its boring and cut to the chase,i was in the high seat for only 30 minutes when 20 years of waiting came out of the cover onto the ride, bang , my first ever muntjac buck fell on the spot, job done, its a long time since i got so exited about shooting deer, just on dark a doe came out of the same spot , but heard the safety catch go off,( school boy error)
    we had bin told to stay till dark and we would be picked up and not to move from the high seats, good idea,it seemed an age til the motor lights came thru the wood to pick me up , it was only then i could go see my munty , it wasn,t a medal by any standard but that didn,t matter a jot, it wouldn,t have mattered if i didn,t fire another shot that weekend, the job was done
    i got another buck on the saturday evening , probably one that golden balls had left,there were 6 of us shooting that weekend and everyone got deer ,we had a cracking time , plenty of deer about and good craic and a good bunch lads and all meat eaters, which was a good job cos we seemed to eat nothing else, a big thanks to the hunting experiences team , you will be seeing me again.................W

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    Ha ha golden balls eh lads. cheers, well i didn't win the lottery that weekend but fingers crossed for this week.
    Hi wardy1 ye chris came down with me and he enjoyed it as well. I think he shot 3. but i think all the food made him happier than all the deer.

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    he,s like a bottom less pit , you shot all the deer , chris ate all the food, what a pair , lol

    seriously tho , you takes your chances when they are there , well done

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