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    Lady's & Gents

    I'm looking to pick up a new 5.5-22x56 NXS scope very soon and I have looked on various websites but I need your help to the questions below:

    Should I get 1st Focal plane reticule

    When was the zero stop added to NF Scopes? Is it now fitted as standard?
    should I insist it has it on to demonstrate I'm getting the latest scope and not an older model with a price hike?

    Any help would be gratefully received.

    Cheers in advance all


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    The "F" class shooters are changing their Nightforce for IOR's,Something to think about. I think for the same money you can buy a S&B, far better bit of kit..
    Sorry to be a kill joy,but there are better scopes out there for the money..


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    Cheers Fellas


    Thought about the IOR's where can I find any info on them?

    I need something that goes past the 14 mag and S&B's although I have two and I love them I wanted the 5-25x56 top o the range but when I saw it on a fify cal, I decided it was too much scope for what I needed and at almost 2k I couldn't justify it. So I have reluctantly stepped down to the NF.



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    i've just bought a second hand 5.5 - 22 x 56 nxs with np-r2 ret. its fitted to my R93 .243 for foxing and its the nuts! was told its 4 1/2 years old, doesnt have the zero stop but is mint and exactly the same as the current models. you can have zero stop retrofitted (look at the repairs form in their website for $ costs of retrofits/alterations) at a cost if you wish. i looked at new ones and they dont all have zero stop, its pot luck if you get it or you'll have to be specific that you want it and have to wait until one with your desired spec/ret comes in with it.

    the scopes are a but fussy and i wouldnt reccomend one for mobile stalking, but for foxing, bipod and target work they are fantastic. i always had the problem with my 8 x 56 s&b's that i could shoot sub MOA with all loads that i was developing, but could never really get the repeatability i wanted to determine what was the best load. i've just run my first test with the nightforce on some 55 b tips with H4895 and shot 5 groups at 150 yards, .5gn differences up to max and you can clearly see the groups getting tighter as you approach the best load (18mm/.7" @ 150yrds with 44.5gn). my only problem now is do i push it past max to try and tighten things up! shot my first fox with it on thurdsay night, 280 yards on 5.5x mag off the wing mirror. i think in march i will try for a couple of barren does with it off the bipod for some precise shot placement practice

    another thing to watch if you're a blaser user is that if you sit the scope right back in the saddle mount to suit your eye relief, you will have diffuculty in operating the QD levers as they foul the reticle housing.

    i think NF only make scopes in one focal plane? the one that stays the same size whatever that is. the ranging works on my one at 22x mag only.

    hope this helps

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    thanks too


    2nd Focal Plane (FP) the ret stays the same size no matter what mag you "wind" the scope too. 1st FP the reticule "grows" with the increase in mag but the subtension remains constant as the ret only appears to grow. 2nd FP the ranging element of the scope can only be used at a single mag like yours eg 22mag but it is different for each manufacturer.

    Not a blaser user I'm afraid so no worries there.

    I must say, after reading up on the IOR's they do appear interesting and certainly worth a look.

    Thanks fellas appreciate your time and advice.


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    i'm near J14 M4, if you want to come and try the nightforce youre more than welcome, theres a few lampshy ginger ones that need some 55gn'ers up em. or just at a target if you like.

    pm if you want


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