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Thread: Firing range south lakes/cumbria?

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    Firing range south lakes/cumbria?

    Hi folks,

    I have a scope to zero and want to try some different factory loads so looking for a range to use. I've heard of a rimfire club/range near by but this is for my 243 (and rimfire). Shooting off the landrover bonnet out in a field doesn't constitute much of a test!

    So please, any info on ranges in the south lakes, cumbria, north-west yorkshire, north lancs areas?



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    stead hall firearms,100m tunnel range ilkley,good shop aswell and a really sound chap john!

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    If you join BDS NW branch there are regular range days, with one in Kellet, the other at Grayrigg. 18th March at the latter is the first day.

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    Thanks for the info chaps, a trip down to Ilkley is in order i think! I'll look into the BDS - i wanted to talk to them about registration for DSC L2 anyways.


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    North west had there AGM last week , looking into range days mid week for those who cant make the weekend ones .

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    Nothing wrong with using a field and testing there, so long as you have permission and a safe back stop.

    You could travel to a range, although if you are doing load development / zeroing, most ranges prefer you to have the rifle zeroed before you attend.

    There will be at least 4 Range Days taking place within the NW BDS branch this year, and as muted possibly a week day shoot if there is sufficient interest.

    Again, you would be made very welcome to the branch shoots member or non member (if you know a member who is attending tag along)

    Info on the range days can be found on the BDS web site, in the section BDS - In your area - click on NW England.

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    Great info- thanks

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