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Thread: range competition and spot the deer

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    range competition and spot the deer

    Was out round the shoot today feeding up and checking the rifle zero. It was a glorious day and im surprised how much feed the pheasants are still eating (along with deer which keep knocking over feeders!). Even though spring seems like its well on its way, there isnt much food around at all for the birds when you look hence my feeding reigeme goes on until end of March.

    Anyways, i was surprised to see two roe out in the middle of the day, so sat and watched them for a while. I had the rifle so tried to use the scope to get a pic. There were two does, mother and follower which then laid up in the hedge..

    So.. Can you see the deer? If so, how far away is it? Its a mil dot PM2 on 25x.

    No prize im afraid. but may relieve boredom for 10 minutes!

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    deer to right hand side led down

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    deer to right hand side. Distance? 380yds
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    deer to the right and just below the second mil dot

    467 yards
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    Range 450, deer on the left hand side where the fat becomes thin of the crosshair, and i think i see the face of one under the second mil dot to the right from centre?
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    well if the hedge line you see through the scope is the same hedge line you see through the camera on the right of the picture I would say that is easily 400-450yds.

    still dont see the deer even downloading the pic and blowing it up the full size of the screen!

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    Will post the answer tonight when i get back from work..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave 67 View Post
    If it's 10 inches tip to tip on that roes ears and that spans 1/2 mil dot then it must be 500m away give or take, given that that is a SFP scope and 25x is max power.
    That just isn't fair...........I for one didn't realise that we had Stephen Hawking on the

    Sorry Dave.

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