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Thread: Factory loaded 270 ammo

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    Factory loaded 270 ammo

    Ive been using norma 140 ballistic tip ammo. Ive found that it performed well. However I've been told that Norma are no longer going to produce this. So what other ammo with a high bc are being used and what do you guys think of them

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    in factory i always like remington corelokt in 130 and 150 grain both shot to same poi and worked extremly well ,atb wayne

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    I'm expecting a .270 very soon.
    In the cabinet, ready to try, I have:
    RWS 130gr H-Mantel
    RWS 130gr TMS
    Norma 130gr Pointed soft-point
    Norma 110gr V-max (or something with a plastic point, anyway)

    Hornady load two 140gr offerings, which can be found on their website. Not been able to find a stockist of either in my vicinity, but would be interested to hear if anyone knows of one in the country anywhere.
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    Norma 110 grain BT or I stick with the Norma 130 grain SP which is a great accurate round in my old Browning

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    That 140gr BT out of Macleods was ace! Currently on a batch of Norma 150gr SP's. The other option is homeloading Sierra GK 140's......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    Norma 130gr Pointed soft-point.
    will do everything you could need

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    Are any "range-legal" loads easily available, with non-expanding bullets?

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    Sako used to do a 130 grain FMJ loading

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    I always used to use Hornady 129sst custom load, worked a treat.

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    Speer do FMJ and target specific stuff

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