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Thread: GWP Fellywood.

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    GWP Fellywood.

    Hi ya all, I have been looking for a GWP for work with deer and general wing shooting, I have been involved with Labs and Springers for years but have fancied a change of breed, I,ve got my eye on a bitch pup from the Fellywood Kennel, has anyone come across the line and have any comments, they look great, do they work well?

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    Best get the breeder to demonstrate the Sire &/ Dam and draw your own conclusions, but then it will be down to your training.
    Good luck.

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    You sound a bit dubious? I have no doubt I can train a dog, but dont know much about GWP,s, my old labs dependable, but ageing, my youngest lab is not up to deer work, just fancy the GWP after 20 odd years of Springers and Labs I want a change, we all need a bit of luck, no matter what the breed, some dogs are better than others, bit like humans I suppose, thanks for the advice.

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    I have met Jane Clarke (Fellywood) at a few gundog events, working tests et al, her GWP's are from what I have seen smaller and faster than other GWP's and very keen retrievers, and she does very well with scurries so I am told. She definitely works her GWP's a lot and I have no doubt she would show you that. I know little about GWP's as I am a Large Munsterlander person.

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    I have a 22month old GWP dog and like you have had springers and quite a few labs etc, prior to getting him.
    They are totally different in temperament and can be headstrong, but without doubt are worth the extra effort when training.
    I use mine for rough and driven shooting (just done his first season) deer stalking and tracking.
    Although he is still a work in progress he is head and shoulders above any lab I have ever owned.
    Cannot recomend the breed enough.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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