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Thread: Warne ring torque settings

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    Warne ring torque settings

    Anyone know torque settings in/lbs
    For warne 30mm rings

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    Hi I believe the toque setting is 25 in/lbs, the base torques are the same if fitted

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    Quote Originally Posted by .243Ady View Post
    Hi I believe the toque setting is 25 in/lbs, the base torques are the same if fitted
    Is this the same for 25mm mate

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    One would assume that they use the same size screws/fixings so the torque would be the same. Tis the screw that determines the torque not the hole size in the ring that holds the scope tube.

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    cheers, i wonder how many of us actually torque set them, i honestly in the past have just went at them with an alan key, but now im setting to the torque

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    Warne sell a dedicated preset torx tool at 25in/lbs

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    I set mine at a nice hand-felt 30 lb's

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    Learnt the hard way years ago after many sheared bolts/studs. Torgue wrench the only way, even more so with stock/action screws as to much torgue can affect bolt action + put your scope well out of zero.
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