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Thread: Devon & Cornwall variation

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    Devon & Cornwall variation

    Has anyone got an idea how long a variation is taking with Devon & Cornwall police at the moment I've heard between a week and upto 2 months

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    i got mine back just recently and was just short of 4 weeks but my mate who applied a week before me still hasnt had his back
    after 8 weeks but might be because it his first centerfire and he has asked for a 308

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    My pal has just had one back.................3 weeks.

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    3weeks for me well done devon and cornwall

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    3 weeks sound pretty good I think they are snowed under and short staffed

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    I think you should only have and air gun .Well done on your level two nick.
    see you on saturday stalking.(Lots about)
    regards woodfordfallow
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    The wife has dibbs on the air gun for shooting jays in the garden

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    my mate just rang up chasing his variation apparently the lady who does them has been on 2 weeks holiday so there has been a hold up (they give them time off too ) but she back this week

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    got it back just over three weeks well done Devon and Cornwall

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    Renewal dragged a bit, but variations are running about three weeks, as has been said they are snowed under and understaffed but I have always found them helpful and co-operative. Hearing what goes on elsewhere I think we are very lucky down here.

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