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Thread: What is this rifle?

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    Question What is this rifle?

    Friendly folks from overseas,

    A friend of mine needs help in identifying this rifle he has just acquired.

    I have never seen one...anyone know what it is?

    Thanks from Canuck land

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    It's a Remington Rolling Block. The gun looks to be refinished but if you look hard at the upper tang you may be able to see some writing under the buff. What caliber is it??~Muir (From across the line in Montana)

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    Lovely - the rolling block was a brilliant piece of design.

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    It is. I've had dozens of them and have rebarreled more than that. I used to specialize in rebuilding them and installing "flys" in the hammer to attain light trigger pulls. The Rolling Block is, unfortunately, one of the main reasons we have had such anemic 7x57 ammo in this country. The 1902 Model was in 7x57 and many ammo makers loaded down to that weak common denominator. It was the reason the 175 grain, 2000 fps loading hung on so long....~Muir

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    Interesting! I will be seeing this rifle this weekend. I'm going to get some better pictures and document the markings so we can learn more about it.
    Muir, so this would typically be a 7x57. Black powder cartridge i assume? not smokeless..?

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    Rolling block alright played with one in 45-70. Jolly god fun
    The Empire was built on cups of tea.

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