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Thread: Rifle Slip - recommendations

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    Rifle Slip - recommendations

    I'm looking for a decent rifle slip, preferably with egg-shell foam lining or decent padding but long enough to take rifle with mod (so needs to be 50") and deep enough to take the 8x56 scope.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    I like the clamshell design that open out into a shooting mat.

    Sufficient space to fit a large rifle,bipod, scope, ammunition, sticks, rear bag, sandwiches etc etc....!

    From a security point of view, a passerby will not necessarily realise you have a rifle - dependant on where you live, that can be a good thing.

    Rgds Ian

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    I use two.

    One a canvas with sheepskin liner I had Brett Parsons make up for me 15 years ago. Has lasted very well and should do another 15 years.

    A very thin nylon canvas slip that doesn't have any padding, but useful on the hill to carry the rifle, but thin enough to roll up into pachers pocket. Also use it on the foreshore.

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    got a nice one off BDS,have a look at there web site.

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    try this i have had some leather ones made up very fit for purpose strong and secure

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    Thanks all - found something I like the look of on Uttings website, so hopefully that will be just the job when it arrives

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