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Thread: Pez Mod Bush

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    Pez Mod Bush

    I have a costom Pez .222 mod that has no inder sleeve it uses the barrle as the sleeve, dirty but does a fantastic job on the tikka.

    I have a 6.5x55 Tikka and a new MAE mod, this one has the inner sleeve and welded closed, none strippable now.

    I have the durlin bush and it need machining to fit. I have the lathe and tools so not a major issue but!

    I dont want to mess the thread or the knurl portion of the bush while holding in the chuck on the lathe. i dont really want to stat making a jig to hold the threaded area. I dont want to do it with a file

    has anyone done their own bush, if so give me a clue please.

    also is it worth cutting a key for an o'ring like you have on the older Pez.



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    You could give Julian Savoury a call: 01444 400126. JMS Arms are the importers of MAE/PES moderators and Julian will advise.

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    Yep call Julian - though I know MAE (formerly PES) do have a habit of changing the design so the old one's may not fit the new one's! He charges 10 to supply and fit a standard bush, no idea what the cost will be if it's standard though!

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    Julian has a holder for the larger pes bushes, for the smaller one he just put a demo mod in the lathe and used it as a holder.
    Worked fine, well at least my rear bush is cut nice and true.


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    can you not just use the moderator itself to hold the bush?
    will the MOD not fit in the lathe?

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    the mod did come from i will ring him.

    my lathe is a boxfore AUD. 20mm though hole. the mod is 34mm x 335mm


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