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Thread: New Improved Wipeout

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    New Improved Wipeout

    As per the title, a few weeks ago I took delivery of a new batch of a new improved wipeout product by the name of Wipeout Tactical Advantage. The new product works exactly the same as the old Wipeout patch out i.e. on its own or with Accelerator, however the new product also contains a more powerful anti-corrosive as well as possessing enhanced carbon removing properties. Having used the product for the last month I have absolutely no doubt the product is every bit as effective as the original wipeout (which I also still stock) and the coloration on the patches after cleaning would suggest that more carbon is being removed without the need for a separate carbon remover. I also cleaned the 8 x 57 barrel with it and left it to stand for a month and there were no signs whatsoever of corrosion (inspected with a borescope) however if I were leaving a barrel (non stainless) for over a month a thin coating of oil would probably be a good idea. So, all in all it does exactly what it says on the bottle - as I would expect. At present, the price is the same and should appeal to all shooters wanting to simplify their cleaning regimes even further.

    I have also written a short article on my blog with instructions for use.


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    Improved on perfection - I look forward to trying it.

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    Hmmm, I was expecting Amanda Byrom naked
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    Have the packaging issues been sorted out with the carbon remover?

    I use Wipeout and have done since it was first imported, I have several cans of carbon remover in aerosol cans, every time I use it, the contents eat the seals on the spray mechanism......easy to get around by decanting to another sealed container, but a BITA...

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    Yes, new packaging, all problems sorted and in stock.


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    sorry i missed you call earlier i was walking the dog i will ring you tommorrow thanks for your time,wayne

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    There is now an updated advert in classifieds.


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    Hmmm, I was expecting Amanda Byrom naked
    she comes under "hpoes"

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