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    Huge Roe Doe

    I have recently picked up around 600 acres of mainly arable land with a good poulation of roe on it. The land owner is keen for me to reduce the numbers so last evening I made a start and waited in ambush alongside a wheat field. The second doe to emerge looked quite old so when she presented a good broadside shot I took the opportunity at around 150 yards. A good solid thud, she mule kicked and stagered in to some cover. My young lab Willow made short work finding her at the bottom of the boundry drainage ditch. She looked pretty big in the failing light but only when I tried to pull her up the steep bank did I realise just how big. She was an old barren doe with a huge amount of fat around her kidneys. Well today I have taken the head and legs off and put her on my larder scales. They went around to 49 lbs!!! Without doubt the biggest roe deer I have ever taken. The good news is I saw another seven roe on the way back to the vehicle Has anybody else had a doe this big?

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    I had a roe doe 12 years ago that was 51lb and of the same land i had a roe buck 62lb in the larder they where massive and when the dealer was giving a 1 a lb it soon bought me a new sako 75.

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    Had a few does weighing over 50 lb and the heaviest buck was 61 lb.

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    My heaviest buck was 52lbs and heaviest doe was 41lbs - not quite as big.



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    Had 2 does over 50lbs off Salisbury Plain, when I arrived there from Galloway I had a shock carrying them out when I took a doe and kids as we were averaging 34lbs mature does!

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