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    Can anyone recommend a kennel system or manufacturer . Thinking about upgrading my set up and shopping around at the moment.

    Many thanks


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    Dunragit are excellent although expensive, it will be a one off expense though

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambislayer
    Dunragit are excellent although expensive, it will be a one off expense though

    need to get saving

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    I can reccomend canine kennels

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    Do you mean trailers or kennel systems for home? If you mean the latter, when we had one of the sheds in the garden re-furbished into a kennel we used some of the mesh panels from Doghealth

    They have been very good.


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    Thanks all,

    Willie gunn - yes a kennel for home. I'll have a look later when I get a minute


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    i bought just the galvanised frames from dog health and built the rest myself
    but make sure you choose the right size , mainly the widths between the bars are the only issuses i had
    one door had wider gaps between the bars than the others
    this picture shows the right hand side door which is the narrow gaps for puppies

    this one shows my old springer stone putting his nose through the gaps on the wider gap frame
    sika my lab as an 8 week old could walk in and out between these bars

    i know , but i took the pics before i cleaned them out

    finished job with a bit of colour

    keeps the neighbours happy as it not an eyesore

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    Good looking setup there Stone. Bet the grass doesnt look like that now though
    My current run is hard against my lawn and the grass has all died off

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    Be very cautious with kennel companies a few have gone under taking customers with them

    Canine Kennels reportedly have the receivers in so check them out carefully first.

    Mittonhall are excellent

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