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    Hampshire Deer Center

    Having just made contact with Nick of the Hampshire Deer center looking to enhance my knowledge and experience towards gaining my level two i was hoping there might be some fellow stalkers on here that could give an indication to the experience they had recieved on their day out.. The site looks great and my conversation with Nick was good.. Im not comending the site as have no experience as yet but if anyone could give some feed back good or otherwise it would be much appreciated.
    I have already contacted malcolm from this site ref his lease nearby me and am hopeful to meet up soon..
    Regards Terry..

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    Hi Terry, You will not go wrong with Nick .An absolute top chap , been out with him many times a really decent guy.

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    Thanks brough.. its always good to hear from a fellow stalker thats had a good experience before shelling out your hard earned.. What grounds did you meet Nick on ? as i live in poole i will be going out on his grounds near fordingbridge.. thanks for the feed back..

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    Terry The land you talk about yes I have stalked on mainly woodland lots of nice high seats well kept rides ,The woodland stalking is incredibly exhausting but rewarding ,regards deer lots of , a few sika, roe and fallow are plentiful, expect to have to look for them its cold at the moment and they tend to hunker down in the denser areas , If anyone can get you on the deer Nick can . Cheers

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