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Thread: Cool box

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    Cool box

    Just a quick one. Is a cool box a good idea if so what size and make should one get? I've been thinking about a Coleman xtream.

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    i am looking along the same lines as you, but if i had the readies i would buy a yeti cool box.

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    A good idea for what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliS View Post
    A good idea for what?
    Transporting and short term storage of up to roe buck size venison!
    The Empire was built on cups of tea.

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    Just came across this so a Coleman will do all i require.

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    i have a plug in one, stays very cold, wasnt pricey, costco i think

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    what size is you plug in one mate??
    The Empire was built on cups of tea.

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    about this big..[holds arms out..]

    not sure of "literage" but it takes about 30-35 dressed rabbits!
    its about 2 feet long and 18" wide inside
    bit deeper than it is wide

    will have a look for brand when I next go out to the shed.
    Should think it would take a jointed roe carcase easy enough,

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    this one.
    dont remember it being that much though! it was well under 100 at costco.

    goes very cold when plugged in and stays very cold once chilled down.
    I tend to run it in the house then move it to the car and only plug in when driving or occasionally as I dont want to flatten the battery!

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    Theres 1 on ebay too: 160790593849
    Same price + 5 post
    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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